The Oase Universal Pumps are compatible for all models and arrive with a 10m cable. These pumps have a 5 year warranty and are a higher quality pump compared to the Sicce pumps, operating at a lower volume of noise. 

Oase Universal 2000 Compatible with the Trento Square, Trento Tall, Tiber Square, Tiber Curved, Tiber Tall, Qube Square and Enzo Tall

Oase Universal 3000 - Compatible with the Arno Tall, Veneto Low, Veneto Tall, Veneto Square, Sienna Low, 70cm Leaf Ball Water Feature

Oase Universal 4000 - Arno Square, Enzo XL and 90cm Leaf Ball Water Feature

Oase Universal 6000 - Arno XL, Veneto XL, Qube Slim & Sienna Round



The Sicce Submersible Pumps arrive with a 3 Pin Plug and a 10m cable. These Water Pumps are compatible with all Water Features that were purchased from 2016 to 2021. 

Sicce 1.5 - Compatible with the Trento Tall, Tiber Square and the Lion Water Feature

Sicce 5.5 - Arno Square and Qube Slim (Please note this pump is NOT adjustable)