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Beautifully constructed, these Zinc Artichokes are made of hundreds of individually cut leaves, layered and hand welded on to a spherical frame. The Artichokes are very similar to our Leaf Ball Collection, except that have a tapered top and have a base. Available in four sizes, they look stunning grouped together or used individually, offering all year round interest in the garden. They work equally well inside, making a beautiful centre piece for any table. The Large and XL sizes look amazing when placed on one of our pedestals, creating a dramatic accent to any room or garden.

        • Small - 22cm W x 22cm D x 32cm H // Base Size: 16cm x 16cm x 2.5cm // Weight: 5kg
        • Medium - 28cm W x 28cm D x 40cm H // Base Size: 20cm x 20cm x 3cm // Weight: 8kg
        • Large - 35cm W x 35cm D x 50cm H // Base Size: 25cm W x 25cm D x 3.5cm H // Weight: 10kg
        • XL - 41cm W x 41cm D x 61cm H // Weight: 15kg.